Improve Visitor Alignment

32% Improvement in Conversion Rate

nexus-1 The goal of the site redesign was to increase call-in inquiries for the client's TV lift products. The process focused on gaining a thorough understanding of visitor intent and aligning site objectives with visitor needs across the research and buy continuum. The project scope included extensive industry research, development of visitor personas, wireframe development and creation of an intuitive and visitor-centric information architecture.


Scenarios were designed to represent the most common roles, motivations and tasks of their visitors, ensuring that the new designs would effectively meet their needs. The user research on their core users was based on extensive feedback and interviews from stakeholders.


Key stakeholders had already decided on the trending design of a scrolling home page with multiple sections. The wireframes were designed to be easily implemented into the desired layout. The home page focused on presenting the brand, displaying discoverable links to both task and role-based content. Based on the scenarios, the primary home page entry point was product-based, with secondary role-based entry points. Product category pages allowed visitors to compare the main features of each lift without having to drill down to the product detail level. We updated the product detail pages by presenting an uncluttered layout with clear images, description, reviews, pricing information and call-to-actions to give visitors the details and motivation to assist them in moving forward with their task(s).

Home & Category page


Product detail page



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