Microsite Redesign

Microsite Redesign from Landing Page

Redesign of the “How to Become a Pilot” landing page to increase visitor education, email lead generation and new customer acquisition

About the project

King Schools specializes in aviation training and is a leading producer of computer-based aviation courses and interactive software for over three decades. The current landing page is used as a resource for people looking for information on how to become a pilot. Due to the amount of information presented and the tasks to be accomplished, a micro-site was proposed. The redesign focuses on visitor education, email lead generation & new customer acquisition for visitors considering learning to fly. Scope of the project includes scenarios, wireframes, user flows and visual design.  

Project Roles

Brought in to support with the information architecture and lead the wireframing and visual design.  

Original page



Scenarios were designed to represent the most common roles, motivations and tasks of their visitors, ensuring that the new designs would effectively meet their needs.

Past phase: user flows and home page wireframe

The first iteration of wireframes focused on the separate parts required for a person to become a pilot.
Based on visitor intent and client feedback, the initial idea of creating a task-based landing page was transitioned into a page with role-based choices. With each iteration of the user flows, the landing page wireframes were continually refined to match visitor's roles, tasks and goals.
The final homepage wireframe focused on the three main roles of visitors, and encouraging them to self-select and click through.

Past phase: high-fidelity wireframes

The internal pages were designed as a resource for information, visitor education, email lead generation and new customer acquisition
As a visitor progressed through specific role-based pages, the main actionable elements continued to be downloadable information and education, and ability to talk to an expert.

Current phase: visual designs

Since these pages will be implemented into the existing site, the visual design of the pages incorporated current trends as well as maintaining consistency with client’s existing website look and feel. The header and footer elements were not touched.


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