Conversion Assessment

Our approach to conversion site assessment is rooted in a disciplined process that has consistently proven to bring significant increases in visitor engagement & conversion. At the core of this process is placing equal emphasis on all 4 pillars of conversion:    
Aesthetics – the overall look and feel of the site, usage of images & colors, font treatments, and contrast. The ability to create an emotional connection with the visitor is another key part of effective aesthetics.
Messaging – communicating to the visitor in terms of clear, benefit-driven and compelling headlines, subheads, bullets and copy. Effective messaging is user-focused and successfully counters the 4 main objectives to buying:  
  • No need
  • No trust
  • No hurry
  • No money
User Interface (UI) – incorporates best practices use of UI elements, call-to-action text, page layout, organization of content and intuitive navigation. Visitors should never have to use their “conscious brain” to interact with your site.
Context – Understanding the context of the visit allows you to create a more relevant visit experience. Determining the typical roles and tasks of your visitors at all stages of the engagement continuum allows us to create obvious entry points and information trails that are relevant and meet the needs of all visitors to improve conversion. To learn more about how we can help you turn a mediocre-performing site into truly effective and powerful marketing tool, give us a call at (760) 207-3101 for a free consultation.


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